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Organic Farming

Pepper cultivation in harmony with nature for generations.

Guarantee for organic farming

To be able to name and offer Kampot pepper as original Kampot pepper, the farmers are obliged to adhere to the guidelines of the Kampot Pepper Association (KPPA).

These prohibit, among other things, chemical pesticides or chemical fertilizers and also specify all the guidelines that ensure organic cultivation. Thus, the original Kampot pepper is already a pure BIO – Organic product.

To adapt this to the European guidelines, it is necessary to have the certification controlled by a certifier recognized in Europe. One of the best known in this field is ECOCERT, which also supervises the KPPA. Only through the authentication of production and the export by ECOCERT, the original Kampot pepper then becomes a certified Bio-Organic Kampot pepper according to European standards.

Kampot Co LTD, as a certified Organic Exporter EOS, assures that all products prepared by us for shipment have been carried out according to the guidelines of the Organic certifications to get professionally shipped to Europe according to the regulations of Organic Exports.

Organic pepper cultivation in Kampot
Organic pepper cultivation preparation
Pepper cultivation in Kampot, Cambodia.
Organic grown pepper plant

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