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Organic Premium Kampot Pepper For Sale

We sell naturally grown black, red, and white Kampot pepper directly from small family-owned farms, which are inspected by the Kampot Pepper Producers Association (KPPA) and by the independent certification body ECOCERT.

The famous Kampot pepper from Cambodia is what Château d'Yquem is to wine or truffle is to mushroom

Our Kampot pepper is organically grown, produced, and sold in black, white, and red varieties. All three grades are from the same plant. The climate of Kampot province provides perfect conditions for growing pepper. The quartz content of the soil in the foothills of the Elephant Mountains helps give Kampot pepper its unique aroma.

Paradise Gardens pepper shop products

Kampot Pepper Shop

Our pepper store in Kampot offers all our products directly to take away as well as interesting information about pepper cultivation, including a pepper farm tour.

Organic Farming

Natural pepper cultivation, without fertilizers, pesticides, and green genetic engineering, guarantees that all our products have a high-quality standard.

How We Doing

We combine traditional pepper cultivation with modern standards, thereby enabling small pepper farms in Kampot to access the world market.

Why Choose Us

We are all natural

The Paradise Gardens team and its certified organic partner farms do everything possible to ensure that all regulations get followed to the best of their ability.

We have experience

Kampot pepper is our passion. Many years of experience in traditional pepper cultivation and export all over the world make us a competent and reliable partner.

Our social mission

Our project enables small pepper farms to sell their harvest on the world market, which significantly improves their living situation. In addition, we constantly employ 25 local people.

Our Quality Certificates

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Further Advantages

Stock management service

We offer to take over your stock management. After your annual order, you can store the pepper with us and then call up your demand step by step. This way, you avoid that your storage capacities at your location get overloaded.

Individual packaging solutions

If you need customized packaging, we can pack your goods directly and ship them ready to you. There are a variety of possibilities, from vacuuming to sealing in jars. As a certified Organic Exporter, we meet all hygienic and mechanical requirements to produce the pepper in the smallest packages according to your wishes. Let us make you an individual offer.